About Us

Good Grass Farm is located in the beautiful rolling hills of Chautauqua County, NY. We are within 10 miles of Chautauqua Institution, Bemus Point, and Lakewood, NY.


Know the Story Behind Your Food

We welcome all customers or potential customers to come out for a visit and see for yourself where and how it's raised or grown. We do it without ANY herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics, chemical fertilizers or growth hormones. Just good food, without the residuals!


It All Started When…

We purchased our house and land on Open Meadows Road in 1999. It was a bit dilapidated, to say the least, but we could see the potential and sense the warmth of this once vibrant dairy farm as we walked through the empty rooms of the old house and hiked the overgrown pastures.

The first few years were spent bringing the much-neglected farmhouse and surrounding land back to life.

Our original intentions for the property always included some sort of farming. How could we let those beautiful pastures remain unused and be taken over by the red brush? Many of the commercial and modern farming practices we had seen did not seem to fit our lifestyle and overall outlook on how food should be produced. We started slow, growing good produce and raising chickens for our family and friends that desired the same high quality, all natural products we wanted for ourselves. As we progress, we continue to embrace the basic philosophy that simple is best. Since our inception, our farm has grown. Our products now include: Pasture raised broiler chickens, pasture raised turkeys, pastured brown eggs, grassfed & finished beef, blueberries, and heirloom, organically-grown produce.